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Jacques Pirotton
Born in 1955 near Liège. Jacques Pirotton starts playing the guitar as selftaugh since age 14.
First interested with rock and blues, he discovered jazz-rock and jazz in the seventies


He studied jazz guitar at the Conservatoire de Liège with Bill Frisell, Serge Lazarévitch, Steve Houben, Michel Herr

Since 1980

He becomes professional musician and starts to play with Jacques Pelzer. They will play during 12 years in most of the clubs and festivals in Belgium and other countries.
Sometimes, they are joined by some very famous musicians as Chet Baker, Barney Wilen, Woody Shaw, Dave Liebman, Phil Woods...

He also starts to play with most of belgian musicians : Guy Cabay, Steve Houben (tour in Zaïre in 1981, Singapore 1988), Richard Rousselet, Pirly Zurstrassen, Pierre Vaïana, Félix Simtaine, Bruno Castellucci, Michel Hatzigeorgiou, Jean-Louis Rasinfosse, Philippe Aerts, Jean-Pierre Gebler (tour in Portugal), Jean-Pierre Catoul, Michel Herr, Michel Graillier, Micheline Pelzer, Serge Lazarévitch, Jon Eardley, John Thomas, Garrett List...

In 1981
He's invited to the 3d "Festival International de Guitare de Liège".

In 1984
Jacques Pirotton and Jacques Pelzer record the album "Happy Few"
Jacques Pirotton recieves the prize of the sabam for his composition "Scarcity".

In 1986
He plays in trio with Dave Pike (vibes) and Jean-Louis Rasinfosse (bass).

In 1987
He creates the group "Artline" with André Charlier (Dr.), Benoit Vanderstraeten (e. bass), Eric Legnini (Kb).
They record the LP "Labyrinthe" which will issue in CD in 1989 with Benoit Sourisse (Kb) and Yves Bodson (Ts).

In 1989
He records "Jokari" in trio with A. Charlier and B. Vanderstraeten.
The same year, recording with "Jean-Pierre Gebler Quintet" and "Héliotrope Quartet".

In the same time he makes his musician career, Jacques Pirotton starts to teach jazz guitar :
First in the conservatoire of Liège (séminaire de jazz), in the académie d'Amay
And since 1988, he teaches at the conservatoire from Luxembourg.

In 1990
The CD "Jokari" receives the "Sax 1990" for the best jazz CD given by the Belgian jazz critics.

In 1992
He records "Soty" still with the same trio (Charlier, Vanderstraeten).

He's invited for several jazz recordings, for instance :"Modern Gardens" (JP Catoul), "Stapler" (P Abraham).
He plays and records with Héliotrope quartet, Jean-Pierre Gebler...

In 1994
He plays with Stefan Kremer, Hugo Read, Gunnar Plumer, Jacques Stotzem...
He plays on the CD "Hommage à René Thomas".

In 1995
Création of the trio Houben-Pirotton-Pougin. Many concerts, festivals
The band plays at the expos in Sévilla, Lisbon, Hannover.

In 1996
J Pirotton starts to play with the group "OCTURN", and records the CD "Ocean".
He joins Erwin Vann quartet with Michel Hatzigeorgiou (e bass) and Dré Pallemaerts (dr).

In 1997
He plays with Sal Larocca 4tet with P. Hertmans (gt) and B. Castellucci (dr).
Tour with Octurn (New-York, Montréal, Junas...)

In 1998
Recording of "We can't stop lovin' you" with the trio Houben-Pirotton-Pougin,.
This CD received the award of "best jazz CD" in "Le Soir"

Jacques Pirotton teaches at the conservatoire from Luxembourg and makes workshops in summer.


In 2000
Recording of CD "Round" with Octurn

In 2001
Tour in Vietnam with the trio Houben-Pirotton-Pougin
during the years 2000, Jacques Pirotton participates to many recordings, for instance :

"Meggie" with Jean-Pierre Gebler nonet 2001.
"Naked in the Cosmos" BJO and Kenny Werner 2002.
"Latinéa" Sal Larocca quartet 2002.
"Jazz Me Do" The Beatles revisited 2003.
"Old Woes New Wail" with Phinc 2003.
"On the jazz side of my street" Guy Cabay quartet 2004.
"Jazz Me Do 2" Jazz me do 2006.
"Le Mariage" Kurt Van Herck trio 2006.

In 2002
Création of the group PHINC (Pirotton-Houben incorporation) with Stephan Pougin (Dr) and Sam Gerstmans (bass).
Many festivals, Jazz à Liège with percussionist Sidiki Camara.

In 2003
Festival in Cascaïs (P) with JP Gebler. Phinc records "Old Woes New Wail" with accordionist Philippe Thuriot.
Concerts in duo with Fabrice Alleman (clar.).

In 2004
Homage for Jacques Pelzer in Liège jazz festival with Steve Houben, Lee Konitz.
Blue Note Festival (Gent) with Kurt Van Herck trio.

In 2006
Blue Note Festival with Michel Herr Life Lines.
Concerts in Paris (Guy Cabay, Jazz Me Do), Santander (Jazz Me Do).

In 2007
Concerts with T&T (Nic et Toine Thys). He joins Joe Higham Al-Orkesta.
Recording of "Piwiz Trio" in trio with Pirly Zurstrassen (pi) and Barbara Wiernick (Voc).

In 2008
Recording of the new quartet J Pirotton, F. Alleman (clar), B. Vanderstraeten (eb), J. De Haas (dr). CD "Parachute".
Recording of "Where Are We Now ?" Al-Orkesta.

In 2009
Issue of CD « Parachute », « Where Are We Now ? » , « Piwiz Trio »
Concerts with J Pirotton 4tet : jazz à Liège, guitar festival of Larache (Marocco), Paris,
Concerts with Al-Orkesta. Motives festival Genk (with C Mentens, K Schoofs).

In 2010
Concerts with the quartet Parachute, André Klénes - Moonly Delights, Piwiz trio.
Concerts with Guy Cabay, Steve Houben, Roby Glo, Fabrice Alleman (duo), Kieran Fahy, Marc Mangen.
Recording of the CD "The Emigrant's Lament" Kieran Fahy - Jacques Pirotton duo - Irish music.

En 2011
Concerts with Guy Cabay, Steve Houben, Roby Glod, Kieran Fahy, Sébastien Semal.
Plays with the project "Les 100 Ciels" from Barbara Wiernik.
 Recording of the CD "Stringly 612"  trio with Stephan Pougin and Boris Schmidt and guests : Steve Houben (as) and Philippe Thuriot (acc.).

En 2012/13
Release and concerts with "Stringly 612". Festival de Comblain, Jazz Marathon ...
Concerts with Steve Houben, Roby Glod, Kieran Fahy, Marc Lelangue, André Klénes, Houben's Factory.

To be continued...